Ways How to Use Social Media in the Classroom

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter and tools such as Skype are connecting students to learning opportunities in new and exciting ways. Whatever content or discipline you teach regardless of grade level, you will find inspirational ways to incorporate social media in your classroom with this list.

  1. Make literature real.
  2. Follow famous people.
  3. Twitter treasure hunt.
  4. Learn probability.
  5. Study geography.
  6. Connect with other classrooms.
  7. Recent public updates.
  8. Field trips.
  9. Conference with parents.
  10. Take a challenge.
  11. Create apps.
  12. Research social media.
  13. Help in developing countries.
  14. Follow mentors.
  15. Grassroot opportunities.
  16. Find scientific research papers.
  17. Tweet famous conversations.
  18. Attend lectures remotely.
  19. Practice a language.
  20. Watch citizen journalism in action.
  21. Track a word or phrase.
  22. Learn personal responsibility.
  23. Offer a class.
  24. Collaborate with other professionals.
  25. Use Twitter to teach journalism.
  26. Answer questions.
  27. Prospective students.
  28. Conferences.
  29. Post notes.
  30. Tweet lesson plans.
  31. Faculty or staff forum.
  32. Live blog.
  33. Instant feedback.
  34. Take attendance.
  35. Test new technology.
  36. Recruit guest speakers.
  37. Post homework.
  38. Classmate connections.
  39. Provide direct communication with instructors. 
  40. Send messages and updates.
  41. Brainstorm.
  42. Schedule events.
  43. Create groups.
  44. Help shy students.
  45. Share interesting websites.
  46. Multimedia.
  47. Asynchronous class conversation.
  48. Share book reviews.
  49. Poll the class.
  50. Create a news feed.
  51. Follow news stories.
  52. Create stories.
  53. Post student projects.
  54. Author visits.
  55. Interviews.
  56. Promote community.
  57. Online communities.
  58. Interpersonal understanding.
  59. Use backchannel.
  60. Blog.
  61. Guest lecturers.
  62. Collaboration.
  63. Stay relevant.
  64. Collaborate with professionals.
  65. Inclusion.

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